We’re Not Your Typical Workspace.

The Cooperative Venture Workspace was intentionally designed to provide a vibrant, professional, and engaging workspace to incite inspiration and productivity. No matter what stage your business is in; from a one-person start-up, to a multi-unit collaborative; we exist to help you maximize your fullest potential. We are not your typical workspace. We are not just in the business of real estate. Our mission is to foster a unique environment that you can actively use to leverage and grow your business. From thoughtful architectural design, to attentive and caring full-time staff, and all the modern technologies and amenities that your business needs, COVE stands as a valuable investment for you to use to grow and prosper.

By bridging the gap between a clean, corporate underpinning and a more contemporary, communal resourcefulness, your utilization of the workspace and its community driven resources can be as open or closed as you need it to be. Concepted to be adaptive and customizable to your needs, the Cooperative Venture Workspace offers an abundance of choices to best suit the way you work. For those who prosper in a more social and interactive environment, our shared workspace and lounge areas are a perfect fit. For those wishing to have a bit more privacy, a personalized space in our cube area may be just what you need. Or if a well decorated, fully private office is more your style, we have that too.

In addition, our flexible membership structures offer you the ability to transition through the various levels of our offerings as your business grows and your needs change. Unlike many other “fishbowl” style shared working environments, our space  allows you to easily change and customize your membership to fit your unique needs.