When it comes to developing a complete strategy for using video as an online marketing tool, Ahmed Badreldin and his company, Sky Conversion, are a one-stop shop.

Ahmed and his team will not only craft a strategy that caters to a company’s video marketing needs, it will also handle the production of the video and provide the analytics to show how well the strategy is working.

Online marketing — be it on a company’s home page or through the many social media channels — has seen a shift from text and photos to videos, particularly short videos, no longer than one or two minutes in length, according to Ahmed.

“Businesses need to understand that people want to see high quality, short videos,” said Ahmed.

In offering clients a full suite of services from the strategy to the creation of the video to the analytics on how well it is reaching the target audience, Sky Conversion can tailor the video and its message.

Plenty of production houses can make a video, according to Ahmed, but it won’t work if it isn’t properly tied to the strategy. “No one wants to watch it because it’s not right,” he noted.

“Whether it’s a live-shoot video commercial, short digital animation, or even a stop-motion video for Instagram,” said Ahmed, “whatever your needs may be, we’ll make it.”

Ahmed said digital animation is growing in popularity. “What we like about animated video is that it’s unlimited,” he said. “People like animation – it’s cool, it’s funny.”

Sky Conversion is a new company that Ahmed started with team members with whom he has worked before. He has an extensive background as a video content producer and digital marketing manager. He received his undergraduate degree in communications from the University of New Hampshire.

His virtual membership at the Cooperative Venture Workspace gives him an address in downtown Portsmouth, N.H., at 36 Maplewood Avenue in a city thriving with entrepreneurship.

The high-quality features of the Workspace, in particular the conference rooms where he holds staff and client meetings, are a big selling point for Ahmed. So is the energy he feels from others around him at the Workspace.

“It’s a great space for networking with people,” he said. “It gives you this shot of energy where people are working hard to start something. People understand you because they’re going through the same journey.”