There’s virtual reality, and then there’s the reality of the value that a virtual membership at the Cooperative Venture Workspace offers.

The Workspace in Portsmouth has a real advantage by virtue of the fact that it is located in downtown Portsmouth, a vibrant community that bustles, not only with social and entertainment outlets, but with high-energy entrepreneurial spirit. Any of these social and entrepreneurial mindsets that fill the Seacoast can see that the advantages of a Virtual Membership can work in favor of their bustling businesses.

Professional mailing address

  • A professional address can help to build credit for your business. Are you more likely to trust a business with a strange PO box number or a real, downtown Portsmouth, NH address? This tool is also useful when dealing with banks in order to gain capital.

Local Phone Number

  • Have your business be seen as personalized and trustworthy. With a live receptionist answering your phone calls,  a local phone number can lend cachet to the professionalism of your business.

Save Money

  • With no worries about rent or utilities and no overhead costs for your office space – you can take the money you save and invest more back into your businesses’s growth. Win, win, WIN!

By offering four levels of virtual membership, you can tap into that spirit while helping manage your bottom line. Below are the four tiers and their monthly price points:

Emma Partridge, the Workspace’s member relations coordinator, points out that the Virtual Membership works for anyone. “I think the Virtual Membership Tier II is a great package because it’s suitable for any type of business. For example we’ve got Ruth who is an executive level employee from a very large company. Then we have someone like Maura who is the one woman show for LillaBlu Strategies,” said Emma.

“This package works for both types of people because they both have the need for a meeting space and access to high-speed internet.”

“Another valuable aspect of this membership is that it’s a great starting option,” said Emma. “If you’re not sure you’ll need to use the space the full 10 days a month, then you can start with the Tier II. Then, once you realize you love the space, you can easily upgrade your membership level. “

For more information, contact Emma at or at 603-610-8250.  See the complete suite of membership packages here.