There is a yin and yang to business — the thinking part and the doing part.

The Cooperative Venture Workspace has ample opportunity for space to think; as well, it has ample opportunity to do.

Smart Kapp Board

Smart Kapp Board at the Cooperative Venture Workspace


The opportunity for both is what attracted some members to the Class A office space at 36 Maplewood Avenue in downtown, Portsmouth.

“I wanted a work space that could also double as a presentation space, and the Cooperative Venture Workspace is ideal for me to grow my business,” said Molly McPherson, founder of Social Shift Media, which trains executives in the proper and effective uses of social media.

She recalls an early tour of the Workspace with its selection of areas to think — private offices, cubicles, library tables, and cafe-style seating — and the ample conference rooms, each equipped with technology that enhances presentations.

“I could see the cooperative nature of the work space as we moved from room to room. I knew the footprint was perfect for my type of work,” said Molly.

At any given moment during a day at the Workspace, members are at work in the display space. For instance, Robert Rustici and Jonathan Day of Sharper Selling might be in one of the conference rooms transmitting a laptop display for a client who is learning about how to strengthen their company brand online.

The Workspace features four conference rooms outfitted with the latest presentation hardware — three conference rooms have wall-mounted LCD monitors, the fourth has both an LCD monitor and an appropriately named “smart” whiteboard. Two conference rooms have state-of-the art conference call integration.

The Kapp Smartboard technology powers collaboration with up to 250 people on any kind of electronic device, be it a laptop, a smartphone, or pad.

See a video demonstration of the Kapp smartboard here.

For some members, just having the comfortable surroundings of the Workspace is enough to suit their needs, advance their name recognition, and give a little back.

Rachael Kloss Pawlik, in addition to using the Workspace to conduct her successful Dragonfly Photography business, has taken advantage of its presentation amenities to teach a basic photography class. It’s something she plans to do more of in the future. She’s thinking, for example, of a one-day session on how to take good photos using a smartphone.

“The space is great,” said Rachael. “It’s making me more involved in the community.”