Gone are the days of fitting professionals into the typical 9-to-5 box. The virtual world affords seemingly limitless options for crafting a career to fit your lifestyle, whether working for yourself or someone else. No matter where your career path takes you, there’s a coworking membership option to accommodate your unique needs.

Digital nomads

Getting paid to travel is the ultimate dream; finding reliable internet, however, is less than ideal. Joining a coworking space on a monthly basis provides amenities that no coffee shop can, like a cubicle with locking storage that comes with a full-time membership.


Those who work for themselves need not feel confined by yet another desk space. A virtual membership with a coworking space includes a private mailbox and phone service with voicemail and call forwarding that isn’t your home contact information, as well as the flexibility to work wherever and whenever.

Remote employees

Working at home for your current employers sounds like an optimal solution when not located in the same geographic area until considering the space and cost needed for printing and video conferencing capabilities. With an executive membership, there’s no hassle of renting separate office space and dealing with all the bills that come along with that added responsibility while giving you a professional setting in which to meet with clients.

Work-at-home parents

Laundry and dishes can squash your productivity when trying to work from home, never mind the loneliness factor. A part-time membership at a coworking space affords structure without added distractions, plus the added bonus of networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs and all the coffee you can drink.