Coworking spaces often conjure up images of writers, graphic designers, and web developers with headphones in, heads in their laptops—and rightfully so. But those aren’t the only professions that make use of the collaborative environment and amenities that a coworking space provides. Here, we outline four unlikely professions that need to join a coworking space as a part-time, full-time, executive, or even a virtual member now.

Photographers and videographers

When not on assignment, photographers and videographers need a space where they can focus on editing without the interruptions of home life and meet with clients in a professional setting. Oftentimes, photographers and videographers also serve as business owners, and a coworking space presents the perfect opportunity to mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Travel agents and real estate brokers

Even when working independently, travel agents and real estate brokers need a flexible place to draw up proposals while fielding phone calls and emails from clients—tasks made easier with the help of open desk space and private phone booths in a coworking space.

Event planners and interior designers

A dedicated desk space with locked drawers or a private office gives event planners and interior designers a home for samples and vision boards, in addition to opportunities for networking and events for collaborating with other creative minds in the field.

Construction workers and window cleaners

Not all coworkers are tied to a desk space, but rather—like construction workers and window cleaners—they need a physical address that isn’t their private residence and reception services through a coworking space to up their professional credibility.