Your productivity in a coworking space is only as good as your connection to technology. Nothing is more frustrating than a sketchy wi-fi connection, for instance.

At the Cooperative Venture Workspace, a speedy wifi connection is just the start of an expansive array of technologies available to its members. The Workspace at 36 Maplewood Avenue in downtown Portsmouth has wall-to-wall technology features that help make its members more productive.

Internet connectivity is available via a hardwire connection through the Workspace’s local area network or through its multi-channel wi-fi router. Having multiple channels allows the Workspace’s multiple users speedy online access with no stepping on each other’s connections or limiting the availability of the online bandwidth.

Beyond the minimum expectation of connectivity that every good co-working space should have are the additional technology amenities offered at the Workspace.

The telephone system, if your choice is to have a landline, is the NEC SL1100. Its brochure describes it as “a unified communications solution that allows you to take advantage of productivity enhancing IP applications that can increase performance throughout your company.” In simple terms, it gives members the luxury of having incoming calls answered at the switchboard then directed to your extension with the added bonus of having a variety of options for accessing voicemail messages.

Then there are the conference rooms, which members use for meeting clients and customers, for presentations, and for remote group meetings. Each of the four conference rooms is equipped with a large-screen Sharp smart TV that can double as a display monitor. Two of the conference rooms can be used singly or doubled up to open a large meeting area and includes state-of-the art teleconferencing equipment.
In addition, Conference Room 2 has a SmartKapp whiteboard that can be the ultimate tool in remote collaboration. Make a note on the whiteboard here in Portsmouth, and someone can see that note on their smartphone in Boston – in real time. Workspace members often comment on the value of the technology, particularly as it applies to the conference rooms. “I wanted a work space that could also double as a presentation space, and the Cooperative Venture Workspace is ideal for me to grow my business,” said Molly McPherson, Cooperative Venture Workspace member and founder of Social Shift Media, which trains executives in the proper and effective uses of social media.

Members such as Molly use a variety of technology tools to keep track of their Workspace account and schedule use of the conference rooms.

In the Age of Technology, the Workspace is doing what it can to make technology accessible, easy to use, reliable, and above all, a tool for member productivity.