Recently Jennifer Blais, a Recruiting Manager at KBW Financial Staff & Recruiting, conducted a survey about what attracts candidates to companies in the Seacoast NH area. Instead of surveying a large group, the research focused on digging deeper with a smaller group which consisted of HR Managers, Controllers, CFO’s, and Accounting Managers.

Here are the top six findings of what companies are doing to attract/retain people:

Extensive Paid Time Off (PTO): On average most companies are offering a minimum of three weeks PTO. Some companies are even offering unlimited PTO to full time salaried employees!

Health Reimbursement: An active body means for an active mind. In addition to full health benefits, businesses are offering reimbursement for fitness classes, gym memberships and massages.

Quarterly Reviews: One of the top three reasons why employees quit their jobs is because of poor management. Poor management is tied to poor communication. More companies are requiring quarterly, if not monthly reviews to increase communication between manager and employee.

Continuous Education: Most Controllers and Accounting Managers are offering ongoing support and resources to educate on new trends, rules and regulations within the industry. Some companies work with the local colleges and universities to offer employees courses on various topics.

Pet Friendly Atmosphere: Not every company and employee has the option of bringing their fury friend to work. But more companies along the seacoast are offering a pet friendly atmosphere. Surprisingly having your pup next to you while working provides a sense of security and clarity and increases production.

Internal Referrals: Good people know good people, right? Companies are offering bonuses for referring good people to work within their organization.

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