Being on a board of directors can presumably be a daunting task, until exercising the hidden benefit of networking. Whether for your current company or a cause you hold near and dear to your heart, you’re not just promoting yourself, but you’re also helping the reputation of the organization and your own business at the same time. Aside from the obvious dynamic factor that is appealing at other networking events, joining a board has its unexpected insider networking benefits, as well.

Resume builder

In line with volunteer experience, prospective companies see value in candidates who are invested in their company or other causes. Adding “board member” to your resume boosts your credibility and reputation when it comes to proving your ability to manage time and multiple commitments.

Varied experience

Like working with different departments, joining a board gives you exposure to others with whom you might not otherwise collaborate. Likewise, the younger generation might bring a diverse perspective that is potentially lacking, such as using social media skills.

Added skill sets

Sitting on a board isn’t reserved for C-suite executives or those well established in their careers. In fact, joining a board can give you those added skills of leadership and business development to help advance your career.

Monetary rewards

Being paid to be on a board is an obvious benefit, if that’s the case, especially for those who are working startups or looking to advance their careers. Within your new network, there’s potential to connect with investors and leads for your business.

Find Your Next Board!

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