When you work for yourself, that work-life balance is especially important, particularly when working for yourself involves working at home.

Perhaps you’re an independent contractor who has a number of different gigs with different clients. Or perhaps you are employed by a company that is more virtual than it is brick and mortar.

If the hours amass into what you consider “full-time work” you probably have a dedicated space at home to do that work. And, if you’re successful at what you do, you probably do a good job balancing working at home with your life at home.

That balance allows you to maybe be responsible for the grocery shopping, or getting some laundry folded, or picking the kids up at school and getting them to soccer practice. But sometimes even the you’re the best at work-life balance, working from a home office can get a little out of sync, and it can do more with your psyche than anything else.

As one of our members recently told us, “I started to turn into a kind of a hermit.” The isolation, according to the experts, can lead to personal and professional stagnation. That is why a part-time membership at the Cooperative Venture Workspace might just be what the doctor ordered.

You can maintain the pace of working from home, helping out on the life end of things, but maintaining social contact with other professionals in a comfortable, dynamic setting. Think of how much better it is meeting a client or customer in a professional office setting rather than your living room or kitchen.

The Workspace is located at 36 Maplewood Avenue in downtown Portsmouth, a vibrant community known for its eclectic blend of arts, cultural and entrepreneurial institutions and activities.  “I love the energy of the arts & artists, intermingling with businesses and restaurants,” said one member.

It’s a great space for people who need to come and go. While here, you can access the technology-rich conference rooms, eat your lunch in the cafe, and enjoy the buzz of the professional activity around you.

Here’s what a part-time membership gets you:

  • Access to the Workspace 10 days per month
  • Table space
  • Business address

Access to:

  • High-speed internet
  • Print and copy services
  • Conference rooms
  • Mail services
  • Lounge

To sign up or gain more information regarding our Part Time membership options, please contact emma@coveworkspace.com or call 603-610-8250.